What is a Project in Project Management?

What is a Project.
  • Daily, organizations are asked to accomplish tasks that do not fit neatly  into business-as-usual

A software group may be asked to develop an application program that will access Government data on certain commodity prices and generate records on the value of the commodity inventories held by the firm; the software must be available for use on 26 Nov 2004.

The Ministry of Health may require an annually updated census of all Punjab resident children, aged 17 years or younger, living with an illiterate parent; the census must happen in 18 months.

Develop a web page within the next four days that provides information about the departmental timetable to new incoming students.

Another Definition of Project

  • A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to accomplish a unique purpose.
  • Attributes of projects

O Unique purpose

O Temporary

O Require resources, often from various areas

O Should have a primary sponsor and/or customer

O Involve  uncertainty

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