Powerful General Knowledge (GK) 2021 | सामान्य ज्ञान in English


Powerful General Knowledge (GK) 2021 | सामान्य ज्ञान in English 


Who killed Curzon Wylie ?

Madanlal Dhingra

Which acid is found in vinegar ?

Acetic acid (CH₃COOH)

Who appoints the Chief Justice of the High Court?


What is the capital of Cuba?


Who was the first Muslim President of Indian National Congress?

Badruddin Tyabji

Money Bill is introduced in which house only?

Lok  Sabha

Which is the chemical substance present in bones and teeth?

Calcium Phosphate Ca₃(PO₄)₂

Aihole (Aihole) inscription is related to which king?

Pulakeshin-II (II)

Who is the founder of Vikramshila University?

Raja Dharmapala (Pala Dynasty)

What is the frequency of infrared waves less?

20 Hz (Hz)

What is the main source of naphthalene?


What is the name of the parliament of Iran?


Dhuandhar Falls Waterfall is on the bank of which river?

Narmada River (Jabalpur)

What is the salt of nitric acid called?

Nitrate (NO₃¯)

When did the first electric train run in India?

3 February 1925 (Bombay VT to Kurla)

What is the name of the pasture country of Argentina?

Pampas or Pampas or Pampa (Field)

Which vitamin is found in lemon and orange?

Vitamin C

In which month is the Union Budget usually presented?


Where was the Army Medical Science College established?

Pune (Maharashtra)

In which state is the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary?



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