Most important computer questions and Answers

1. Which software is used to work in the computer?

Answer. app

2. First language developed to program?

Answer. fortron

3. C, BASIC, COBOL and JAVA are examples of which language is called?

Answer. high level

4. In which field is the computer language FORTRAN useful?

Answer. Science

5. DVD example?

Answer. Optical Disk

6. Teleprocessing and timesharing were used in which generation of computers?

Answer. third generation

7. Restarting an already on computer is called?

Answer. warm booting

8. The computer language used in the Internet is?

Answer. Java

9. What is CRAY?

Answer. super computer

10. What is the short form of continuous power supply in computer?

Answer. You . P . s .

11. What are file extensions used for?

Answer. To identify the file type

12. How many ‘function-keys’ are there in the key board?

Answer. 12

13. How many types of computers are there?

Answer. two types

14. Which generation computer is microprocessor?

Answer. IV

15. The code consisting of lines of different length and width read from the computer is called?

Answer. bar code

16. The common name of modulator-de-modulator is?

Answer. modem

17. Is Excel Workbook Collection?

Answer. of worksheet

18. Oracle is?

Answer. database software

19. Pascal is?

Answer. a computer language

20. The point at which data enters or exits the computer?

Answer. terminal

21. What types of storage devices are used in cell phones?

Answer. flash

22. Soft copy is an output, so what is hard copy?

Answer. printed output

23. E.D.P. What is?

Answer. electronic data processing

24. The words that the programming language has set aside for its own use?

Answer. reserved words

25. A group of interrelated records is called?

Answer. database

26. What is the process of dividing a disk into tracks and sectors?

Answer. formatting

27. The world’s first computer network is considered to be?


28. What resides in the motherboard that connects the CPU to other parts on the motherboard?

Answer. system bus

29. The operating system called Unix is ​​specially used for?

Answer. in web servers

30. The extension of Excel spreadsheet is

Answer. .xls

31. RAM is volatile memory because

Answer. It requires continuous power supply to retain data.

32. What are the two parts of an e-mail address?

Answer. Username and domain name

33. Which printer prints one letter in one stroke?

Answer. stopper matrix printer

34. If your computer keeps rebooting itself then chances are that?

Answer. it has viruses

35. What is the name of that network topology? in which each possible node has bidirectional links?

Answer. mesh

36. First language developed to program

Answer. fortron

37. What is the default file extension of word document?

Answer. DOC

38. The first computer virus to appear in India is?

Answer. c-brain

39. The circuit board which contains CPU and other chips is called?

Answer. Motherboard

40. Junk e-mail is called?

Answer. Spam

41. The word CAD is related to what in computer?

Answer. by design

42. A.L.U. What is the full name of?

Answer. Arithmetic Logic Unit

43. What is Google?

Answer. search engine

44. The language which a computer understands without a translation program is called?

Answer. machine language

45. Point and draw device is called?

Answer. to mouse

46. ​​Linux is an example?

Answer. of open source software

47. Trackball is an example of

Answer. pointing device

48. Thin plate or board having electronic components is called

Answer. Circuit board

49. Which printer prints letters by stroke?

Answer. stopper matrix printer

50. Which software controls the computer hardware?

Answer. system

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