Java terminology – Important | PDF

Before learning Java, one must be familiar with these common terms of Java.

  1.  Java Virtual Machine(JVM): This is generally referred to as JVM. There are three execution phases of a program. They are written, compile and run the program.
  • Writing a program is done by a java programmer like you and me.
  • The compilation is done by the JAVACcompiler which is a primary Java compiler included in the Java development kit (JDK). It takes the Java program as input and generates bytecode as output.
  • In the Runningphase of a program, JVM executes the bytecode generated by the compiler.

Now, we understood that the function of Java Virtual Machine is to execute the bytecode produced by the compiler. Every Operating System has a different JVM but the output they produce after the execution of bytecode is the same across all the operating systems. This is why Java is known as a platform-independent language.

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