Installing and Supporting I/O Devices


This chapter is packed full of details about the many I/O devices a
PC support technicians must be familiar with and must know
how to install and support. We begin with looking at the features
and characteristics of several input and output devices, including
motherboard ports, display devices, and expansion cards. Then you’ll
learn how to install common peripherals, input devices, expansion
cards, dual monitors, and multiple video cards. Troubleshooting is
always an important skill for technicians, and so we end the chapter
with a discussion of what can go wrong with I/O devices and how
to identify the source of the problem and fix it. This chapter builds
the foundation for Chapter 10, in which you will learn about
multimedia devices.

In this chapter, you will learn:

• About the general approaches you need to take when installing and supporting I/O devices
• About the types of I/O devices and their characteristics
• How to install input devices, including the mouse, keyboard, barcode reader, fingerprint reader, and touch screen
• How to install and configure several I/O devices, including ports on the motherboard, dual monitors, and expansion cards
• How to troubleshoot I/O devices, including keyboards, pointing devices, and video

Introduction to Software Testing

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