Installation of Linux operating system

A. INSTall LinUX USINg CD-ROM or USB Stick.

Download .ISO Or the ISO filES On a compUter from the internet and STore it in the CD-ROM or USB Stick after
making it bootable USINg Pen Drive LiNUX and UNetBootin

Boot into the USB stick
YOU need to rESTart yoUr compUter after attaching CD –ROM or pen drive into the computer. Press enter at
the time of boot, here SELect the CD-ROM or pen drive option to Start the fUrther boot PROCESS. Try for a
mANUAL boot Setting by holding the F12 key to Start the boot PROCESS. This will allow yoU to SELect from varioUS
boot optioNS before STarting the SySTem. All the opTIONS either it IS USB or CD ROM or nUmber of operating
SYSTEMS yoU will get a liST from which yoU need to SELect one.

4. Complete the iNSTallationproceSS
After the iNStallation iS complete yoU will SEE a prompt to REStart the computer


Installation in Windows 7, 10 (32-bit on 64-bit)operating SySTem.

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