Installation in Windows 7, 10 (32-bit on 64-bit)operating SySTem.

Booting your operating system using a DVD


Take out your Windows 7 DVD and insert it into the computer (if your computer does not have a DVD drive, please read the USB installation guide). If the installation does not run automatically, it is necessary to restart your computer and, in some cases, set up a booting priority in the BIOS (press

the Delete, F2 or F12 button immediately after restarting the computer) so that your DVD drive is at the top of the list (Pic. 1). The BIOS version is based on your motherboard and the booting priority is usually found under the Boot option. Change the booting priority and confirm the changes by clicking the Exit & Save changes.

Which type of installation?

If you already have a previous version of Windows installed on your computer, the installation process will offer you a Windows 7 Upgrade option (Pic. 6). In this case, we recommend choosing the Custom option and perform a complete reinstall. Before doing so, it is important to back up all important files and documents because all data will be deleted. You can use, for example, the Cobian backup application for performing a backup. If you are installing Windows on a computer without an operating system, this option will not be available.


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