Important Shortcut Keys for Computer keyboard (expert)

CTRL+ASelect All
ALT+TAB Cycles between open applications
ALT+F4 Quit program, close current window
ALT+F6 Switch between current program windows
ALT+ENTEROpens properties dialog
ALT+SPACE System menu for the current window
ALT+COpens drop-down lists in dialog boxes
BACKSPACE Switch to the parent folder
CTRL+ESC Opens Start menu
CTRL+ALT+DELETEOpens task manager, reboots the computer
CTRL+TAB Move through property tabs
CTRL+SHIFT+DRAG Create shortcut (also right-click, drag)
ESC Cancel last function
SHIFT Press/hold SHIFT, insert CD-ROM to bypass auto-play
SHIFT+DRAG Move file
SHIFT+F10Opens context menu (same as right-click)
SHIFT+DELETE Full wipe delete (bypasses Recycle Bin)
ALT+underlined letter Opens the corresponding menu
HOME To the beginning of the line or far left of field or screen
END To end of line, or far right of field or screen
CTRL+HOME To the top
CTRL+END To the bottom
PAGE UPMoves document or dialog box up one page
PAGE DOWN Moves document or dialog down one page
ARROW KEYS Move focus in documents, dialogs, etc.
CTRL+ > Next word
CTRL+SHIFT+ > Selects a word
F1 Help
F2 Rename selected object
F3Find all files
F4Opens file list drop-down in dialogs
F5Refresh current window
F6Shifts focus in Windows Explorer
F10Activates menu bar options
Numeric Keypad *Expand all under the current selection
Numeric Keypad + Expands the current selection
Numeric Keypad – Collapses current selection
¦ Expand current selection or go to first child
Collapse current selection or go to parent
Special CharactersWork
‘ Opening single quote alt 0145
’ Closing single quote alt 0146
“ Opening double quote alt 0147
“ Closing double quotealt 0148
– En dashalt 0150
• Bullet alt 0149
® Registration Mark alt 0174
© Copyright alt 0169
™ Trademark alt 0153
° Degree symbolalt 0176
¢ Cent sign alt 0162
1⁄4 alt 0188

Create a screenshot for the current program.

Ctrl + Alt + Del Reboot/Windows® task manager

Ctrl + Esc Bring up the start menu

Alt + Esc Switch between applications on the taskbar

F2 Rename selected icon

F3 Start find from desktop

F4 Open the drive selection when browsing

F5 Refresh contents

Alt + F4 Close current open program

Ctrl + F4 Close window in the program

Ctrl + Plus


Automatically adjust widths of all columns

in Windows Explorer

Alt + Enter Open properties window of selected icon

or program

Shift + F10 Simulate right-click on selected item

Shift + Del Delete programs/files permanently

Holding Shift

During Bootup

Boot safe mode or bypass system files

Holding Shift

During Bootup

When putting in an audio CD, will prevent

CD Player from playing

The national emblem of India is from which

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