software engineering capability maturity model (CMM)

Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is a methodology used to develop, refine the maturity of an organization’s software development process. software engineering capability maturity model (CMM)  pdf   book   project characteristics (cont..) | Project  Characteristics  (cont..)  

project characteristics (cont..) | Project  Characteristics  (cont..)

project characteristics (cont..) Interdependences (source of conflict) cross-functional, cross-project, cross-activity. Uniqueness No practice or rehearsal, one-time set of events. A team of people Non-trivial number & organizational structure. cross-functional origins, interests & allegiances. Project  Characteristics  (cont..) Divisible into subtasks (called activities) O often numerous, essentially unique, and non­ repetitive. O  sequenced by precedence relationship. O  … Read more

Project Stakeholders | Project  Characteristics

Project Stakeholders. Stakeholders are the people involved affected by the project actives. stakeholders include The project sponsor and project team Support staff Customers Users Suppliers Opponents to the project Project  Characteristics. One clear objective A well-defined set of end results Goal-oriented on product or service must result Finite Fixed timeline, start date, end date,  milestone … Read more

Software Project Management | Laws of Project Management.

Software Project Management. Concerned with activities involved in ensuring that software  is delivered: on time on schedule An in accordance with the requirements of the organization developing and procuring the software. Laws of Project Management. No major project is ever installed on time, within budget, with the same staff that started it. Yours will not … Read more

What is Project Management? | Management Functions

Management Functions. Planning Predetermining a course of action for accomplishing organizational objectives. Organizing Arranging the relationships among work units for the accomplishment of objectives and the granting of responsibility and authority to obtain those objectives. Staffing Selecting and training people for positions in the organization. Directing Creating an atmosphere that will assist and motivate people … Read more

What is Management? | Example of IT Projects

Example of IT Projects Northwest Airlines developed a new reservation system called ResNet Many Organizations upgrade hardware, software, and networks via projects Organizations develop new software or enhance existing systems to perform many business functions Note: “IT projects” refers to projects involving hardware, software, and networks What is Management? Management can be defined as all … Read more

What is a Project in Project Management?

What is a Project. Daily, organizations are asked to accomplish tasks that do not fit neatly  into business-as-usual A software group may be asked to develop an application program that will access Government data on certain commodity prices and generate records on the value of the commodity inventories held by the firm; the software must … Read more