DUal boot WindowS and LiNUX

If yoU’d like to rUn LiNUX and WindowS On the SAme compUter, yoU will firST have to
decide which LiNUX diSTriBUTion yoU want to USE. The moST popUlar onES are UBUNTU,
Debian, Mint and Manjaro, bUt there are HUNDRedS to chooSE from. All of them have
their own UNIQUe feaTUreS and qUirkS, thoUgh the popUlar ONES are the moST
forgiving to new USERS.
ThiS gUide will ASSUme yoU are iNStalling LiNUX Mint, BUt the STepS for iNSTalling the
other diStribUtioNS are not diSSimilar. YoU will jUST need to download the correct
diSK image for the diSTriBUTion yoU woUld like to USE, and find the diSTriBUtion’S
Own docUmentation for more deTAILS On their iNSTallERS.

8. USE the boot manager to SWitch between WindowS and LiNUX.

Once yoU have finiSHED the LiNUX INSTAllation proceSS, whenever yoU REStart yoUr
compUter yoU will boot Up to the GRUB Screen. GRUB (Grand Unified Bootloader) IS
LiNUX Mint’S preferred boot manager, and itallowS YOU to chooSE whether yoU want to boot Up Mint or WindowS. JUST USe the Up
and Down arrow keyS to navigate and preSS Enter to boot into yoUr choSen OS. MoST
other LiNUX diSTriBUTioNS will alSO USE GRUB


Installation of Linux operating system>click here<

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