Create a student Bio-Data for HTML

Create a student Bio- Data.





<title> Registraton </title>


<body BGCOLOR="#0000a3" >

<form action="thanku.html">

<table align="center" bgcolor="#9e1fff" width="600">


<td colspan=2> <u><center style="font-size:30px;color:#5cffff"> Student Registraton Form </u> </center></td>


<tr> <!-- FIRST ROW -->

  <td>  Name: </td>

  <td> <input type="text" Name="LNAME" value="" placeholder= "Name"> </td>


<tr> <!-- SECOND ROW -->

  <td> Father Name: </td>

  <td> <input type="text" Name="LNAME" value="" > </td>


<tr> <!-- THIRD ROW -->

  <td> Address: </td>

  <td > <textarea Name="Address"   cols="35" rows="8" > </textarea>


<tr> <!-- FOURTH ROW -->

<td> Sex: </td>

 <td><input type="radio" NAME="gender" value="male" checked> Male

                        <input type="radio" NAME="gender" value="female" checked> Female



<tr> <!-- FIFTH ROW -->

<td> Language Preferences: </td>

 <td><input type="checkbox" NAME="Hindi" value="Hindi" checked> Hindi

                        <input type="checkbox" NAME="English" value="English" checked> English

                        <input type="checkbox" NAME="Punjabi" value="Punjabi" checked> Punjabi

                        <input type="checkbox" NAME="Maithali" value="Maithali" checked> Maithali



<tr> <!-- SIXTH ROW -->

<td> Course: </td>

<td> <select name-"Course">

<option value-"-1" selected>select..</option>

<option value-"BCA">BCA</option>

<option value-"BHMCT">BHMCT</option>

<option value-"BA">BA</option>

<option value-"MCA">MCA</option>

<option value-"BTECH">BTECH</option>



<tr> <!-- SEVENTH ROW -->

<td> District: </td>

<td> <select name-"District">

<option value-"-1" selected>select..</option>

<option value-"Nalanda">NALANDA</option>

<option value-"Jalandhar">JALANDHAR</option>

<option value-"Patna">PATNA</option>

<option value-"Darbhanga">DARBHANGA</option>

<option value-"Ludhiyana">LUDHIYANA</option>



<tr> <!-- EIGHT ROW -->

<td> City: </td>

<td> <select name-"City">

<option value-"-1" selected>select..</option>

<option value-"Mumbai">Mumbai</option>

<option value-"Delhi">Delhi</option>

<option value-"Patna">PATNA</option>

<option value-"Bnguluru">Bangulutu</option>

<option value-"Darbhanga">Darbhanga</option>



<tr> <!-- NINE ROW -->

<td> State: </td>

<td> <select name-"State">

<option value-"-1" selected>select..</option>

<option value-"Bihar">Bihar</option>

<option value-"Delhi">Delhi</option>

<option value-"Punjab">Punjab</option>

<option value-"Haryana">Haryana</option>

<option value-"U.P.">U.P.</option>



<tr> <!-- TEN ROW -->

  <td>  Pincode: </td>

  <td> <input type="text" Name="Pincode" value="" placeholder= "Pin"> </td>


<tr> <!-- ELEVEN ROW -->

  <td>  Email ID: </td>

  <td> <input type="text" Name="Email" value="" placeholder= ""> </td>


<tr> <!-- TWELVe ROW-->

  <td> DOB:   </td>

  <td> <input type="text" Name="DOB" value="" placeholder= "dd-mm-yyyy"> </td>


<tr> <!--THIRTY ROW -->

  <td>  Mobile No: </td>

  <td> <input type="text" Name="Mobile No" value="" placeholder= "enter 10 digit only"> </td>


<tr> <!-- FOURTEEN ROW -->

  <td>  Comments: </td>

  <td> <textarea Name="Comments"   cols="35" rows="8" > </textarea></td>


 <td><input type="reset" value="reset all "></td>

<td><input type="submit" value="submit form" ></a></td>






create a student bio data html

Divide a web page vertically and horizontally and display logo of your college in left pane and logo of university in right pane.

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