Computer Basic Knowledge

01. KEYBOARD ….a type of device. Answer – Input 2. Shortcut key for hyperlink in MS-Excel. Answer – Ctrl+K 3. Which shortcut key is used to check spelling in MS-Word. Answer – F7 4. Receiving data from a remote machine to a local machine is called. Answer – Downloading 5. The default appearance of the … Read more

Computer – Memory Units – Smallest Units

1Bit (b) Binary digit(0,1) 4 Bit 1 Nibble 8 Bit  1 Byte (B) 8 Bit/1 Byte  1 Octet(o) 1024 Bytes 1 kilo byte (KB) 1024 KB  1 Mega byte (MB) 1024 MB  1 Giga byte (GB) 1024 GB  1 Terra byte (TB) 1024 TB 1 Peta byte (PB) 1024 PB  1 Exa byte (EB) 1024 … Read more

Most important computer questions and Answers

1. Which software is used to work in the computer? Answer. app 2. First language developed to program? Answer. fortron 3. C, BASIC, COBOL and JAVA are examples of which language is called? Answer. high level 4. In which field is the computer language FORTRAN useful? Answer. Science 5. DVD example? Answer. Optical Disk 6. … Read more

Important Shortcut Keys for Computer keyboard (expert)

Create a screenshot for the current program. Ctrl + Alt + Del Reboot/Windows® task manager Ctrl + Esc Bring up the start menu Alt + Esc Switch between applications on the taskbar F2 Rename selected icon F3 Start find from desktop F4 Open the drive selection when browsing F5 Refresh contents Alt + F4 Close … Read more