Computer Basic Knowledge

01. KEYBOARD ….a type of device.
Answer – Input

2. Shortcut key for hyperlink in MS-Excel.
Answer – Ctrl+K

3. Which shortcut key is used to check spelling in MS-Word.
Answer – F7

4. Receiving data from a remote machine to a local machine is called.
Answer – Downloading

5. The default appearance of the Windows taskbar.
Answer – At the bottom of the screen

6. Open Office is an example of which type of open-source.
Answer – Application software

7. With reference to input/output devices, MIR stands.
Answer – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

8. The total number of unique codes that can be generated using 8 bits.
Answer – 256

9. The ‘stored program concept’ was introduced.
Answer: John von Neumann

10. With respect to computer network, the full name of VPN.
Answer – Virtual Private Network.


-:Computer – Memory Units – Smallest Units:-

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