100+ Very Important Science GK Question

  1. Which law applies in electrolysis?
    Ans:- Faraday’s law
  2. In what form does sound travel?
    Ans:- as longitudinal waves
  3. ️ Sonar is mainly used by?
    Ans:- by seafarers
  4. ️ What is nuclear fuel in the sun?
    Ans:- helium
  5. Which is the largest cell of the human body?
    Ans:- muscle cell
  6. ️ Who discovered radioactivity?
    Ans:- By Henry Bekural
  7. What is the study of fruits called?
    Ans:- apomology
  8. Which part of the pear is eaten?
    Ans:- padded pushasana
  9. ️ Diabetes Which organ is affected in diabetes?
    Ans:- pancreas
  10. ️ What is the minimum distance of clear vision of a person suffering from visual impairment?
    Ans:- 25 cm
  11. ️ Which one is a water communicable disease?
    Ans:- haza
  12. What is the reason for the floating of clouds in the atmosphere?
    Ans:- Low Density
  13. Whose unit is Om?
    Ans:- of resistance
  14. Whose unit is Bavar?
    Ans:- of magnetic flux
  15. Which instrument is used to measure the intensity of sound?
    Ans:- audio meter
  16. Who discovered the positron?
    Ans:- Ederson
  17. ️ Who discovered the rabies vaccine?
    Ans:- lie Pasteur
  18. On what principle is the working of the washing machine based?
    Ans:- centrifugation
  19. On what is the modern periodic table based?
    Ans:- on atomic number


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